Friday, December 4, 2015

Business Plans

Starting a business especially an online business can be confusing especially if you don't have any plans. Without having a destination and a way to get there you will most likely end up some place you don't want to. I like to think of business plans like a ship's sailing plans. Without a port to sail too you will do nothing but circles. Planning is a step by step plan put together beforehand, for managing all or parts of your startup. It is not something that should be thrown together at the last minute. A majority of home business entrepreneurs think of planning simply as a process that they need to go through to decide what they are going to sell. Not only do you have to plan what your going to sell but how your going to sell. Are you going to focus on SEO for your website or use email marketing mainly to sell your product? Are you going to sell a introduction product to your main product? This is often refereed to as funnel marketing in the online business world. These are all questions you need to answer before starting. We will be going each of these steps to get your home business up and running, marketing and running a small home business.

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